Ledgerwood and Burns, PLLC

Pictured Left to Right: Thomas L. Ledgerwood, Brooke J. Burns, Carlyn Ledgerwood, Tammy Nichols, Sierra Shankel

The Law Office of Ledgerwood & Burns was opened as the Law Office of Thomas L. Ledgerwood in April of 1985. Brooke J. Burns joined the firm in 2006 and became a partner January 1, 2013. The Law Office of Ledgerwood & Burns, PLLC is engaged in a general, trial-oriented practice of law, only in the State of Washington.

Our practice includes civil and criminal matters in the Superior, District and Municipal Courts in Washington.

Our criminal practice includes felonies, gross misdemeanors and misdemeanors. We have substantial experience with all types of criminal charges.

Our civil practice includes adoptions, dissolution and other family law matters, real estate, estate planning, wills and probate, landlord-tenant, personal injury claims and general litigation of various types.

Our office goal is to provide quality, competent legal representation at a fair price. We believe in honesty and integrity in the legal profession. We represent our clients vigorously within the bounds of the law.

Ledgerwood and Burns, PLLC
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